Cowboys are on top, Rams fall, Eagles lose to Rams

The Philadelphia Eagles are the reigning NFC Championship Game champs, and that doesn’t stop them from being the most popular team in the NFL.

We know that because we’ve done the research and found that the team is the most-viewed on social media among NFL teams.

The Eagles have a huge following on social, thanks in part to the way they are used to playing.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles has had a huge impact on the game and has been known to get more than his fair share of attention on social.

The team is also a popular team on Twitter, thanks to Foles.

And it’s not just Eagles fans who are sharing their enthusiasm for the team on social; the team also got a big boost after the Rams lost to the Atlanta Falcons, a game that many thought was a must-win game for the Eagles.

On top of that, the team’s fans were also on top of their game with a ton of social sharing of photos and videos from the game.

We asked fans to share their excitement on Instagram and Snapchat, and they were all on board.

Some of the best shots of the game from social:The Eagles won 23-20 in overtime to beat the Rams.

(Getty Images)On top, there are a lot of Eagles fans on social who were already on the bandwagon before the game, as they are also fans of the team.

The Eagles were favored to win, but the Rams did some big things in the final seconds to force overtime.

So, fans on Twitter were already excited about the Eagles win, even before the Rams loss.

But there was one group of Eagles who were more upset than the rest.

Fans on Twitter shared that they were really upset that the Eagles lost, because it was the team that had the best defense in the game at the end of the first half.

This made fans really angry and frustrated.

Some Eagles fans were upset that they had the worst defense in a game, but were really angry about the loss.

(H/T: @sarah_nolan)The Eagles were on top for most of the second half, but they couldn’t hold on to win the game after halftime.

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)Fans on Twitter have a lot to be angry about in the second quarter.

(Scott Halleran)The final minutes were a mess.

(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images for CBS)There are a few other big shots of Eagles players being upset on social:There were a few more shots of fans who were really disappointed about the result, including a lot that were really surprised that they lost.

(Joe Camporeale/Getty)This is the biggest photo of the day.

(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)The worst shot of the season is this.

(Rob Carr/Getty/Getty News)This was the last shot of Nick Foes face, before the final play.

(Andy Lyons/Getty via Getty Images)This photo is a little too close to home for me.

(Matt McClain/Getty Sports)Some Eagles have even been on the receiving end of this type of tweet, including the Eagles’ most famous player, Nick Foe, who was a bit of a social media star for a while.

It’s worth noting that Nick Fears most famous tweet was the one about his son.

So that may have contributed to his social media backlash.

(Nick Foe)Nick Foes response was that the Cowboys were on the field and he was really happy to play in that game.

(Jim Rogash/Getty Sport)The reaction to the loss was also huge, and the Eagles fans took it even further.

This is what they said about the game:Some fans were even really upset about the Cowboys loss.

Here’s a fan from the Atlanta area who was upset about what happened to the Cowboys.

(Michael Conroy/Getty Media)A fan in Houston was really upset.

(Mark Humphrey/Getty Image)Another fan in Chicago was upset that he didn’t see the Eagles play.

The fans in Chicago were upset about it, too.

(Jeff Swinger/Getty media)And this is the last tweet of Foles: (Nick Nolte/Getty images)And fans in Denver were upset as well.

(Chris Humphreys/Getty image)Some fans even tweeted about the lack of an official announcement about the death of the Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, who passed away on Friday.

(Jon Leiberman/Getty.)

A fan from Los Angeles was upset because he didn.

(Ariel Schatz/Getty Press)Some of these fans were really sad and disappointed.

(Jason Merritt/Getty)/And some were upset because they thought the Eagles were going to win.

(Mauricio Medina/Getty)”We know we were going down and we knew we were in for a rough night,” Foles said.

“It’s just sad for the

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