When the Eagles lose, how will they respond?

We asked NFL players, coaches and analysts what they think will happen in the final minutes of the Eagles-Patriots game this Sunday.

We asked them how they think the game will end and what players, teams and organizations will do in the aftermath.

Here are the responses:Matt Hasselbeck: “We’ll get back to doing the things we love and enjoying life, and then hopefully we’ll see a return to a regular season and some playoff games.”

— NFL.com Matt Stafford: “I think we’ll have a great team, a great coach, a really good quarterback.

We’ll be fine.

We’ve had a lot of good players, a lot better coaches.

We just have to take it day by day.

I think we’re going to come out a lot stronger.”

— ESPN.com Brandon Boykin: “Well, I think this game is going to be decided by the teams that can make the play on defense, on special teams, on the run, on offense, on some of the special teams plays that we’re missing.

I don’t think we can give up a lot, but I think it’s going to depend on who can play better.

I just think we have a really, really good team.”

— Sports Illustrated.

Dave Wannstedt: “It’s definitely going to end up being a very close game.

It’s not going to go our way.

I can’t tell you if I think they’re going back to winning this game.

But I’m pretty sure I think the Patriots are going to win.

I’m really confident.”

— NBC Sports NFL Nation: “The Patriots are a really great team.

I have a lot to like about them, but we know they’re not going out and beating us, and we know that the Eagles are a very good team.

If we can just get the ball in their hands, I really think we might be able to come back.”

— Fox Sports.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly: “Obviously we’ll take it week by week.

I’ve always had faith in the process, and I’m just glad we’re having a good season and making some good plays and taking care of business.

But the last few weeks have been very, very disappointing.

And I’m going to have to watch it closely.

We know that’s the game of the season.

So I know what we have to do.”

— CBS Sports NFL Media’s Dan Graziano: “Patriots fans are going into this game saying, ‘We’ll win this game.’

I’ve never seen anything like this.

We’re going into the game saying we’re just going to sit back and watch the Eagles do the same thing, and the Eagles will win.”

— SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Mike Garafolo: “You have to get them off the field.

I mean, you can’t get them into the backfield.

You have to let them run the ball, and you have to keep them out of the end zone.

You’ve got to keep the clock ticking, and this is going be a very, really close game, but the Patriots have to win this one.”

— The Associated Press.

Rob Gronkowski: “This game is about winning football games.

This is the kind of football that we’ve been working towards for a long time, and it’s a great time to be playing football.

I am really happy to be part of this game.”

— Twitter.

Alex Marvez: “As far as what’s going on with the game, we know it’s really close.

We have a very competitive football team that is going into a great season and going to take a lot more care of it than we did in the preseason.

We are ready to go and try to come through the game and have a good game.”– NFL Network.

Josh Gordon: “A lot of people are going nuts about it.

I know the Pats want to win, and obviously the Eagles want to play good football.

It was just a game, and at this point, you’re just trying to win a game.”

— ESPN.COM Josh Norman: “They’re going through a lot right now.

It seems like we’re seeing a lot happen right now that I don

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