When a good game gets played on Twitter it’s pretty awesome

There are few games as entertaining as NBA 2K15, the NBA 2.0 version of the franchise’s most popular franchise.

While you can’t actually play the game, the game has spawned hundreds of memes, and now, a new version of NBA 2k16 is set to get a little bit more attention.

Twitter users are excited about the announcement that NBA 2ks16 will be released on October 13.

Twitter user @Kevlin_Carmichael, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @kevlincarmichael has been tweeting about the news.

It’s been a year since NBA 2ku4 was released, and it’s always good to see a game get a fair amount of play, he wrote in an Instagram post.

“@NBA2k16 fans will finally get a real NBA 2ki4 in their hands.

Its time to let this be a reality and play this game again!

I love my friends that play it.

Thanks to @NBA2K16 for all you do for the fans.

#NBA2ku4 #nba2k2016 #nfl2k NBA 2Ku4 is a first-person shooter developed by Activision and published by EA Sports.

It will feature the franchise player Kevin Durant, who plays as Kevin Love.

There’s a trailer for the game on Twitter.

@Kefra_Cupcake has also been tweeting that the game is being released on the heels of another NBA 2 game that was released on Wednesday, a Madden NFL video game called NFL 2K16.

Twitter accounts for both games have been active since the release of NBA 2016.

@jamesdavidson_ Twitter has been getting a lot of buzz lately with tweets like, “NBA 2k15 is the best game I have ever played.

I can’t wait to play the next instalment!” and “My favorite NBA 2 games ever: NBA 2u4, 2ku5, NBA 2s.

You are my favorite. #2ku5.

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