What we know so far about the new Pokemon GO game

A new Pokemon Go game is on the way, but how will it differ from the original, and what are some other interesting facts about the game that we just don’t know yet?

Here’s what we know.1.

The game will be free to download and playThe game is free to play, meaning that you can play the game without buying a single copy of the game.

This means you can just download the app and play for free.

There are currently plans to add additional features to the game as well, but they won’t be in the game yet.2.

It’ll have a single player mode, but it won’t include a gymThe gym will be the main hub of the gym, and will also feature a trainer that you’ll meet and battle against.

This trainer will offer a variety of special moves, and if you want to learn them all, you’ll need to complete your gym’s tutorial to unlock the trainer’s full repertoire.

The tutorial will also include information about your gym and your friends.

The trainer will be a character in the video game, and players can create their own characters, but this will not be a traditional online game.3.

There will be an in-game tutorial, but the tutorial won’t feature an in game tutorial modeThe tutorial will have a story mode where you can watch a video tutorial of the trainer, which is the first tutorial of any sort.

It will feature audio, music and a tutorial with a picture of the pokemon that you need to catch.

The in game tutorials are not intended to be tutorial guides, but rather an in between experience.

This is meant to give players more information about the Pokemon game before they start playing.4.

You’ll need the latest Android app to playThe Pokemon GO app will be compatible with Android devices, but users who want to use the app on their own will need to download the latest version of Android.

Pokemon GO will be available for download on Android devices from August 24, 2017.5.

You won’t need to purchase any virtual items to playWith a single-player mode, and without a gym, the main goal of the gameplay will be to catch Pokemon, and to use their various abilities to battle other trainers.

The main focus of the single- player mode is to catch and evolve the Pokemon, but there will be other modes where you’ll be able to hunt for more Pokemon.

The single-play mode will offer the same experience as the single player, and also includes a tutorial to help you learn the moves and learn more about the trainers and the game world.6.

Pokemon Go will be more interactive and excitingThe player will be able access all aspects of the Pokemon experience through the game’s in-app chat, where you and your fellow players will share information and help each other.

The player will also be able interact with Pokemon to progress the story, or to get a closer look at the locations that they’re exploring.7.

The story will be set in a different Pokemon regionThe story will take place in the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver universe, which also includes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as Pokemon Sun and Moon.8.

Pokemon players will have to pay to join a gymAs of now, you will need a Pokemon GO account to play Pokemon GO.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver have separate, separate accounts.

However, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire will be integrated into the Pokemon GO, so it is possible to pay for an account with just one account.9.

You can play with a friend to unlock all of the moves in the gymA number of moves that players have earned through playing Pokemon GO won’t have to be unlocked through regular gameplay, but players will be encouraged to play with other players in order to unlock them in the correct order.

You will be allowed to play without paying, but you’ll still have to make sure you have enough Pokemon to use them all in order for your gym to be active.

If you don’t, you can’t get a Pokemon to evolve, but that won’t matter as much as it will be in Pokemon GO because you’ll have to play in a gym in order.10.

You don’t have the option to play aloneIf you have a friend who wants to play on your own, you won’t even need to do this, because they’ll be in a group that you’re already in.

However if you do this with a buddy, you’re able to share a single gym for all of your Pokemon.

This is a feature that will be introduced in a future update, and is only available if you have multiple Pokemon.11.

Pokemon will be online for the first timeIf you’re planning to play this on your mobile device, the only difference will be that the Pokemon Go app will only work with Android tablets.

You still need to buy the Pokemon app to use it, but your friends will be playing Pokemon on your

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