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Two-person multiplayer games, like those popular in the West, have long been the subject of controversy, as a lack of variety in the genre and the increasing popularity of free-to-play models have pushed developers to explore different avenues of monetization.

Now, a new project from the UK-based indie studio Sea Of Stars has thrown a wrench in the works of that debate.

The game, called Sea Of Sharks, is a free-form multiplayer game in which two players fight against waves of sharks and other creatures that populate the sea.

Players must fight their way to victory by killing waves of enemies in waves of their own creation, each wave of enemies having a different attack pattern.

Players must battle waves of shark enemies and take them down to the bottom of the sea in order to earn gold, but the game is designed to be played with a friend, as opposed to the traditional two-player experience that many other multiplayer games have adopted.

As the game progresses, players will earn additional rewards, such as experience points, and earn special weapons that can be used in tandem with sharks.

Sea Of Scorpions game designer Michael Aptecker, who helped to develop the game with Sea Of Swords creator Scott C. Smith, says the developers believe that players will enjoy playing with their friends more than playing alone, as they’ll be able to use their weapons to better their ability to defeat enemies in the sea, and even attack the other player.

“There’s a very different kind of fun you get from playing with a group of people who are actually trying to win, instead of trying to beat you, and not even caring about you,” said Aptetecker.

“So there’s a lot of different ways in which you can get into the shark-fighting mode.

That’s really cool.””

We were looking for a game that was kind of a little bit different, and we really liked the idea of being in a multiplayer game with our friends,” said Smith, who worked with Apteter to develop a previous Sea Of Scary game, Sea Of Snakes.

“I had this really fun time making the first one.

I think it’s a great game, but we’re really going for a different kind.”

Sea Of Scorpion co-creator Mike Clements agrees that the game has been developed with a “tactical” focus, rather than an “immersive” one.

He said that the developers have spent months and thousands of hours on the game’s design, and were also able to come up with a number of new features, such the ability for players to fight in co-op, a more cooperative mode, and a new boss.

“It’s not an easy game to make, but it’s also not an impossible one,” said Clements.

“We’ve gone in with a tactical approach to it and made a game we can enjoy, even if it’s not as great as the one we made last year.

I really think it has that kind of charm about it, and I think people are going to enjoy playing it.”

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