‘The Game Plan’: The Game Plan to Take Down the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers fans can rest easy knowing that they have a team with the most valuable player in the NBA to play with.

For one thing, there’s this: Kobe Bryant.

That’s right, Kobe Bryant is playing for the Lakers.

Kobe’s not only the best player in basketball, but he’s also the most famous basketball player in history.

In fact, Bryant has the NBA’s highest net worth, according to Forbes, which makes him the most well-known athlete in the world.

He’s also got one of the NBAs most recognizable faces.

And Kobe is a member of one of sports’ most prestigious organizations, the Lakers, a franchise that won four championships in a row from 2002 to 2011.

That, plus his incredible personality, makes him a perfect candidate for the role of the Game Plan, the team’s plan for the entire year.

This is the plan that the Lakers have for their entire season: win games and win championships.

It’s a perfect formula for success, even if it means you have to play defense all year.

It has worked before, but it won’t work again, as the Lakers enter the 2017-18 NBA season with a record of 23-42 and a losing record in the first four games of the season.

That will make this year even tougher.

The first thing to note about the Lakers is that they’re the youngest team in the league.

That means that they can rely on their young core of big men, including Kobe, Jordan Clarkson, Jordan Farmar, and Brandon Ingram, to provide depth.

If the Lakers can build a foundation for success with the three-headed monster they have at their disposal, they should be able to play spoiler for the next five years.

If not, it’ll be tough for them to find the same success.

The Lakers will have to figure out how to balance their youth, their star players, and their roster depth all in one fell swoop, but the core is set up to have success for the foreseeable future.

The problem?

Kobe is going to have to be the center of the plan, and he won’t have to do anything on his own.

Kobe is the face of the franchise.

He wears No. 6 for his Lakers jersey.

When he plays, people look up to him.

He was anointed by Shaquille O’Neal as the face and center of his generation.

He became a household name in basketball because of his legendary dunks, dunks that had him going on national television with a video of himself making one.

In his first season in L.A., Bryant won the MVP Award, which is a championship award.

He went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award and the Defensive Player of the Month Award.

He led the league in steals three times.

He averaged 25.8 points per game, and won the NBA Defensive Player Award, the league’s highest honor.

But the most important thing Kobe did in L:A.

was to make it look easy for everyone else.

The L.C.s greatest weapon, the way he dominated opponents in the paint, the big dunks with his back to the basket, the flashy dunks—all these things were on display during Kobe’s first NBA season.

Bryant had a great season, and it was no surprise that he won the Defensive player of the year award and Rookie of Year award.

In addition to being a superstar, Kobe also won the Most Valuable Player award, which means he had an even bigger impact on the game than his teammates.

He scored over 100 points per 100 possessions, which was the highest average in the history of the award.

When Kobe won that award, he became the most-valuable player in NBA history.

Bryant’s ability to create space for himself and teammates, and his ability to be a force on the boards and off the glass, gave him a unique combination.

He had a ton of space to operate, and because he was so versatile he could do a lot of things that no one else could.

He used his height and his speed to score and defend, and to be able do all of those things he was able to win Defensive Player Awards and get All-NBA awards.

Bryant won a lot, but not every player has the ability to do it all.

Bryant, however, has the skills and the tools to be an elite scorer, rebounder, and playmaker.

That includes being able to score.

Bryant is one of only three players to ever score over 30 points per contest in the playoffs.

He also led the NBA in assists, rebounds, and steals in 2016-17.

He is one year removed from a career year, and the only reason he isn’t averaging more than 23 points per night is because of a number of injuries that slowed him down.

That is what makes Bryant such a great player: he can score, rebound, defend, score, and

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